Reconciliation Bartering

I am out in the country, having spent three days in the middle of nowhere with limited Internet access. I have walked the land, settled into my soul and slept more than I wanted but apparently not more than I needed. I am bringing this blog to a close today, I will start a new one here on WordPress in the days ahead but I must first write a final research paper on reconciliation and that will take most of my free time.

Today’s readings are a good reflection on reconciliation. In the first reading, Abraham barters with God as to how many good people can be save the city. I am reading “A Human Being Died That Night” by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela. It is the story of a man who was known as Prime Evil during Apartheid. Eugene de Kock committed horrible atrocities during Apartheid and yet during the interviews, a human side is revealed to this monster. Is redemption possible for everyone? How does humanity recover from unspeakable acts of evil? Then as now, God’s mercy is supreme and unlimited. When we call upon God as the Psalm states, God answers.

The Gospel reading today is one of my favourites and has deep personal memories for me. Ask, seek, knock. With reconciliation, these acts must be done. Ask for forgiveness, mercy, peace, humility, joy, restoration, wonder, openness. Seek healing, peace, understanding, compassion. Knock on the door of the hardened heart, on the walls that divide, on the prejudices that remain.

Reconciliation is possible–for the multitudes and for individuals. Seek it now.




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