I am two sleeps away from getting on a plane. I have done the copious amounts of reading, handed in four papers, got a new passport, finished up some work projects, and now sit down to write this new blog.

I am basically posting this as an introduction to what the next couple of weeks will look like. I am heading to South Africa for a field course in which I will put on thousands of kilometers, traveling across this magnificent country with 11 other female students and 2 professors from the University of Winnipeg/Global College, and six students and their professor and another staff person from Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town. The course title is Post-Conflict Truth, Reconciliation and Memory. We will be in the Cape Town area for about a week prior to traveling north towards Johannesburg with stops along the way.

I hope to capture the sights of my travels here as I return to my beloved Africa. This will be the first time I am in South Africa and I am excited to be heading there at this juncture in time. I feel ready on some levels and yet not so much on others. I have been insanely busy these past 2 months and have not really had time to emotionally process all that I have been reading and watching.

I hope you will join me as I journal my experience here. Am I ready? I suspect I am ill-equipped to accept this huge gift that is made possible by a generous Giver but I am open to all that will unfold in the coming weeks. I know that this is a blessing that I will be forever grateful for. I pray that my heart, mind and spirit are open to the lessons that I am to learn and that I may use it all for the glory of God.




6 thoughts on “Ready?

  1. I look forward to hearing and reading your experiences, Suzanne. I will keep you in my prayers as you go forward. May God keep you and your companions safe in your journey.

  2. Wishing you peace, health and safety as you travel Suzanne! You will be in our hearts and minds. Looking forward to seeing your pics and hearing your stories when you return.

    • Thanks, Roberta! Happy Birthday one day early. I may not be able to send you greetings tomorrow. Wonderful to see you last night. Blessings on the coming year, you amazing woman you!

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